Diageo – In Good Spirit
Awareness campaigns are scary, and last as long as the intensity of their shock. But influencing people's habits should come from a realization within. ‘In Good Spirit’ is an awareness project developed for Diageo (yes, the alcohol supplier!) that gradually changes behaviour related to alcohol abuse, drunk-driving, and underage drinking, while keeping a positive attitude. Breathalyzers were exchanged for fun public furniture outside bars in Beirut for people to willingly interact with, and consequently know their state. Diageo is the one who parties with you, while silently making sure you stay safe. After all, nobody wants to be the party pooper.

It's summer, it's fresh, it's playful; so for the branding of 'In Good Spirit' we filled up a "box" with fun elements inspired by cocktail drinks and party props (and that box is magical, with infinite space, so we can keep adding more and more elements as we go). These elements then explode with joy creating bursts of happiness, the same feeling you get before you're drunk, and the best state-of-mind to be in! The bursts were used to create the visuals of the first campaign, and inspired the look of the public furniture.
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