VOLVO – Life Tag

Entry for The Drum's Chip Shop Awards 2017*
In order to continue with the success of last year's Life Paint, Volvo needed to to reaffim its commitment to making the roads safer for everyone... including our four legged friends.

In 2017 Volvo added car-to-car communication in its top model line, joining only Mercedes-Benz and Toyota on a shortlist of automakers offering systems that allow vehicles to exchange information, giving the driver advanced warning about poor road conditions or automobiles further ahead. LIFE TAG is a unique RFID enabled wearable for pets that makes use of this preexisting data by alerting drivers of potential incursions by animals over 300 feet before they become visible to the driver.
How it Works
The Idea*
The Campaign
* This project was NOT published for VOLVO, and was created for The Drum's Chip Shop Awards only.
* We do NOT own the rights to any of the clips nor music in this video. The edit was not published for VOLVO, and was only made to describe the concept to the Jury of The Drum's Chip Shop Awards. If you would like your clip be taken out of this edit, please get in touch with us, thank you!
Creative Direction: Michel Sfeir / Tres Colacion
Designer: Michel Sfeir
Copywriter: Tres Colacion

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